2110101P 2003-2007 International VT365 RV's & Medium Duty Trucks TS Performance MP8 Pro

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1997-2003.5 INTERNATIONAL DT466 | 1992-2003 INTERNATIONAL DT444 | 2003-2007 INTERNATIONAL VT365

The MP-8 Pro performance module from TS Performance gives your diesel the power and fuel economy gains you need to get the job done, whatever that job is. The MP-8 Pro makes small adjustments in injection timing, duration and pressure for a more efficient combustion event and improved horsepower, torque and fuel economy from one plug-and-play unit. This will be the last power module your diesel will ever need.

Key Features

  • Plug & Play Installation
  • Does not leave a footprint in the factory computer
  • Excellent module for improved towing performance
  • Wont increase Exhaust Gas Temperatures
  • You can choose to add +15% or +30% Horsepower over Stock
  • Fuel mileage gains of up to 10%!
  • Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty

Installation of the MP-8 Pro is simple and does not require cutting or splicing. Simply plug the male and female ends of the MP8-Pro harness into the corresponding ends of the factory harnesses. Improve the power and fuel economy of your diesel today with the Power Play MP8 Pro module from TS Performance!