Stage 1 Octane Series For the 2015-2019 2.3L EcoBoost

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The Octane Series is available in the All new Multi-channel All in one module which offers both Throttle & Boost in the same module, harness and adjustment. No need for multiply controls nor multiply installs.


The Octane Series Throttle Booster increases throttle response and eliminates turbo lag. Featuring easy-to-install plug and play connections, the Booster allows you to adjust throttle sensitivity to fit your driving habits.

The Octane Series Boost Module boast a plug-and-play design that does not leave fingerprints in the factory computer. Octane Stage 1 offers up to 50+ HP gains in your 2.3L Ford EcoBoost. The in-cab adjustable feature is convenient and your fuel economy gains do not increase exhaust temperatures.


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